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Our logo features the Bar-tailed Godwit – the migratory bird with the longest ever recorded non-stop flight. The record breaking flight measured 11,500 kilometres nonstop from Alaska to New Zealand—without taking a break for food or drink!

​Bar-tailed Godwit Facts:
  • Bar-tailed Godwits arrive in Australia each year in August from breeding grounds in Scandinavia, northern Asia and Alaska. 
  • The Bar-tailed Godwit is a non-breeding migrant in Australia. Tens of thousands of birds land in Australia's north-west and move around the coast of Australia. Bar-tailed Godwits are common in coastal areas around Australia as they inhabit estuarine mudflats, beaches and mangroves. 
  • They are social birds and are often seen in large flocks and in the company of other waders.
  • Bar-tailed Godwits feed on molluscs, worms and aquatic insects. Birds wade through the shallows or over exposed mud and probe their long bills rapidly into the bottom to find food. Feeding parties may number up to 30 or more birds.
  • Apart from the young non breading birds, the Bar-tailed Godwits leave Australia in April and May, making the long journey back to their breeding grounds. The nest is a shallow cup in moss. Both the male and female share incubation of the eggs and care for the young.


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I cannot recommend Migration Agency Australia enough! It was fast, efficient and worth every penny. Me and my wife talked about migrating to Australia for many years but the tasked seemed quite daunting and it had previously taken our friends over 2 years from start to finish. Sian at MAA was an absolute revelation and with her help and guidance it took just 7 months to be granted a full permanent residency visa! Since being granted my visa I’ve recommended MAA to two of my friends who are now also happily living in Australia. Migrating to another country is no easy task and MAA made the whole process incredibly easy and hassle free, but the best thing about them is the personal touch. They care about you and are with you every step of the way. Their only goal is to see you succeed with your visa application and I cannot recommend them more highly.

Robin Rose – United Kingdom

For anyone looking for help with visas or citizenship applications, this company is brilliant. I recently used them and found it an excellent service and great value. I would highly recommend them

Sarah – Ireland

Dear Sian, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your assistance in working on my partner’s migration visa application.  Not only were you extremely professional, but you were also very personable, which made this application so easy to work through.  You went above and beyond and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone going through the same process.  Thanks again!   Best wishes, Vanessa

Vanessa – Australia

I used Migration Agency Australia For a 457 application for one of my staff earlier this year and would highly recommend them. It turned out to be a bit more complicated than the average application but Sian took it on as a personal challenge and went well above and beyond the service that I had expected. Thankyou!!

Rob – Australia

All of the information we needed was sent in remarkably fast order, we had the forms we required, and more importantly, she was there watching us the whole way and talking us through the parts we didn't understand.

Lesleigh and David Wallensky – Canada

I cannot recommend Sian enough for what she has done - and would use her again and again should the need arise.

Lesleigh and David Wallensky – Canada

I think the most valuable part of working with Sian is that she worked with us as a person - not a litigator.

Lesleigh and David Wallensky – Canada

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